A little bit about us
Digital Video Solutions is a local Drumheller company developed through the partnership of Jon Sheppard, Digital Media Geeks, and DCT New Age Promotions Ltd. DVS is committed to meeting the needs of the community in a professional and effective manner. Our goal is to provide a quality product at an affordable price. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and becoming a valuable part of the community. We provide businesses and organizations with excellent promotional opportunities to showcase what their business has to offer. Digital Signage offers exciting new revenue streams. With companies always looking at more novel ways of communicating with their prospects,digital signage offers a low cost, easy to use platform for leveraging the market-base.
Digital Signage Specialists
We have signage units in the CO-OP mall, Community Futures Big Country’s lobby, our office at Image Crafter Signs, Everybodys Gym  and a portable unit that ends up in random places around town. In addition, run the pre-show ads at the Napier Theatre and can provide advertising on the big sign next to the World’s Largest Dinosaur as well, so your ad can be seen in numerous locations throughout town.